SoCal Jamboree 2021!

The Southern California Genealogical Society puts on a party of a conference called Genealogy Jamboree in June. This year we are virtual (boo hoo), but we will meet online for social hour in less than an hour! 4 pm Pacific time, which happens to be the same as Arizona time (we are rebels in AZ – no daylight savings for us).

What is great about Jamboree this year?

Keynote speaker: Roberta Estes, Friday, June 4, 5 pm Pacific

JamboFree on Monday, June 7 and Wednesday, June 9. Even if you aren’t registered for Jamboree, you can tune in for free these two days for some excellent roundtables and classes on DNA and genealogy! Irish genealogy and much more. Go register for free at

Virtual exhibit hall full of prize drawings. My booth is DNA Breakthroughs and my prize drawing is for adoptees. If they have not had a search angel or genealogical company work on their search, they can email to enter a drawing for me to help with their search. I will use a random online prize wheel to choose the winner at the end of part 1 of Jamboree (evening of Saturday, June 5th).

And guess what? I realized that I have two Ancestry kits sitting on my desk right now that were sent to me by a friend who was collaborating on a search with me. I wasn’t sure who I was going to test. So, if you are an adoptee who has not tested your DNA anywhere (or at least not at Ancestry) and you cannot easily afford an testing kit: I will have one or two bonus prize drawings on the online name generator prize wheel! You must email me your name and a brief description of where you are in your search and what it would mean to you to test your DNA. All information will be held confidential by me.

Announcing a new book published by the Southern California Genealogical Society: The Stars in Your Family. Get it on Amazon for about $16! My rock star grandma, Bernice Gibbs Anderson, champion of the Golden Spike (American transcontinental railroad historic site), is featured in a first-person short story I penned. And there are many other wonderful people to learn about in this book.

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