RootsTech tips!

The largest family history conference in the world starts today! Be part of it. It is free and if you can’t tune in much the next few days, you’ll have a whole year to check out the amazing content and classes.

On the new RootsTech new site that went live today, you can start making your Playlist! Register for free with your familysearch account for the full experience with chat rooms and playlist:

Join me in the Let’s Do Good Together booth in the Expo Hall (Featured Booths near the bottom) if you’re interested in DNA Interest Groups or Search Angels for Adoptees. You can join chat rooms for either topic or for both topics. The booth has other great ideas for family history projects and service opportunities.

Tutorial for chat rooms: 1) Click Join Chat Room for this particular booth on each topic or I can give you a direct link. It doesn’t seem to come up in a search if you click the Connect button.

2) To leave a chat room, click the 3 vertical dots in top right.

3) To close the chat window, click the large X below the chat window on the right. There doesn’t seem to be a way to minimize or maximize or move the chat window, just FYI.

I am coordinating two live discussions, one on DNA Interest Groups Thursday, February 25th 2 pm – 3 pm Mountain time US and one on Search Angels for Adoptees Friday, February 26 2 pm – 3 pm Mountain time US. You can find those links in the Let’s Do Good Together booth and put them on your Playlist, if you wish. You can also find them if you go to Menu on top right, then Calendar, then look at the Thursday Sessions list or the Friday Sessions list.

Let me know if we’re related on the Relatives at RootsTech feature! It’s so fun to find cousins all over the world this year.

Enjoy RootsTech and let me know your favorite classes/sessions! They start at 5 pm Mountain time Wednesday, February 24, 2021. Even if it says Watch Live at 5 pm from now till then, most of the classes are prerecorded and that means that’s when you can start watching in any order.

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