Links to order

Here are some discount links for ordering and product links. A portion of any purchases from these links will go to DNA Detectives (CeCe Moore’s group) for their Kits of Kindness program to help those with unknown parentage who can’t afford a testing kit.
AncestryDNA for US ($79) =
Ancestry Membership Subscription and Free Trial =
23andMe =
23andMe International =
Family Tree DNA =
FTDNA free uploads =
AncestryDNA for Canada =
AncestryDNA for UK =
AncestryDNA for Australia =
AncestryDNA on Amazon =
MyHeritage DNA =
MyHeritage DNA free uploads =
Living DNA =
Spokeo =
Newspapers =
Amazon = ($79 link will go to AncestryDNA kit but will credit for any other purchases as well). If you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free.