Alyson Johnson teaching Saturday, Jan. 13

The four DNA classes I am scheduled to teach at the Alta Mesa Family Discovery Day Saturday, January 13th, will be taught by my associate Alyson Johnson. I am still under the weather with bronchitis from the bug that has hit Phoenix hard. I appreciate Allyson being willing to present on short notice of just a few days! She will be awesome, so sign up for either DNA Power! or DNA Sleuthing. (Link to the event is on my Home page and on my Schedule page)


Alyson Johnson grew up knowing she was adopted, but was never interested in finding her birth parents – until she took a DNA test a year ago!  She was “only interested in ethnicity” but when those DNA matches came rolling in she realized this was a puzzle she could figure out!  Her keen interest in genealogy over the years gave her the skills she needed to find her birth family (parents are married and she has a full brother) and led to meeting her birth mother in October. Alyson’s youngest child had just left for college, and she realized that her new mission in life is to use her love of genealogy research, her newly found DNA skills and her kinship with adoptees to help others find members of their birth families.  She also enjoys most sports, yoga, reading, scrapbooking, and Hallmark movies.

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