Templates for Search Angels

RootsTech Salt Lake City is a wrap! I had a blast and learned so much at various classes. Thanks to everyone who came to either one of my Search Angel presentations. It was a good turnout, even the one the very last hour and very last day of the conference. Some of you hung in there till the very end of four days of genealogical learning!

As promised, here is a customizable template for anyone volunteering as a Search Angel or considering volunteering as a Search Angel.

The first one is my template for Informed Consent and Client Preferences for anyone you are helping to find unknown family. The second one will be my template for Client Wrapup Reports.

You can use these in Google Docs for clients/adoptees to fill in.

It was amazing to have my 2nd cousin DNA match, who is an adoptee, fly in from Alabama for my Saturday presentation and meet his uncle he’s never met. His uncle said that David, the adoptee, looks like a cross between his dad, Bill, and our mutual ancestor Thomas Jefferson Lemmons. I knew Thomas Jefferson Lemmons, my great-grandfather, and I see the resemblance, too.

So next time you’re out in public and you see someone who looks a lot like one of your relatives, maybe they’re a 2nd cousin you haven’t met yet! DNA is helping us make these family connections.


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