DNA Day in the USA!

Happy DNA Day! If you have tested at Ancestry.com but you haven’t tested at 23andMe (or you have tested at 23andMe but did not get the Health portion of their test), consider signing up for a new account at 23andMe by midnight with this link: 23andme/discover23/

They are offering four free reports if you upload your Ancestry.com DNA file: Ancestry composition (and information on whether you have family matches, although this will not give you those matches), Muscle Composition, Saturated Fat and Weight, and Sleep Movement.

If you already have a 23andMe account, you’ll need to sign out of that account and use this link to create a new account with a different email. You can make a new email to use if you have a gmail address. All you have to do is put in your regular email address and then add a plus sign and another word before the and sign. Example: My gmail is [email protected] So when I sign up on sites like this and they require a different email, I put something like [email protected] (I would add the name of the person whose DNA file I’m planning to upload – with their permission.) Gmail should automatically forward any messages from these extra addresses to your main inbox.

You don’t have to upload your Ancestry file by midnight, you just have to create the new 23andMe account by midnight. It appears to be midnight Pacific Standard Time.

You’ll need to create a new account at 23andMe for each file you upload. If you are going to upload more than one file, it’s better not to click autosave the password, as you have to be signed out. Make sure you have permission from any other testers to upload their file.

After you do that, you might want to check out some of the video from today’s Live Facebook event from 23andMe. They were on air for 7 hours! It was a really long Live event and a great marketing idea to capture the audience. I caught a lot of it this morning while I was working on other things. facebook.com/23andMe/videos/

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